I bring a lot of props & prizes to the party, so do let me know if parking is unavailable at your venue or if I need to walk more than a couple of meters. That way I can plan ahead (my bag can get very heavy!)


I will arrive in my normal dress & get into costume at your venue. It is often too difficult to drive in the costumes & the long dresses are too dangerous.


I arrive 15 – 20min before the party (depending on the costume you have chosen).

60 min Stars Party

60min Party = Hello & Warm-Up Dance then either singing & dancing or a mini music class for 3 yrs & under.

1.5 hr Silver Stars = Glitter Tattoos

1.5 hr Party = 30min Glitter Tattoos as the guests arrive then 60min non-stop singing & dancing or a mini music class for 3 yrs & under. We will sit down 10min before the end (after the Disco & bubbles) to sing Happy Birthday.

2 hr Gold Stars Party = Face Painting

2 hr party Face Painting = 60min Face Painting (12 kids per 60min) then 60min non-stop singing & dancing.  We will sit down 20min before the end (after the Disco & bubbles) to sing Happy Birthday.

2 hr Platinum Stars = Glitter Tattoos, Magic Tricks & Balloons

2 hr party Glitter Tattoos, Magic Tricks & Balloons = 30min Glitter Tattoos as the guests arrive then 70min non-stop singing & dancing or a mini music class for 3 yrs & under. We will sit down 20min before the end (after the Disco & bubbles) to sing Happy Birthday. While the children are eating I will twist the balloons & put them to the side.

3 hr Mega Stars = Glitter Tattoos, Face Painting, Magic Tricks & Balloons

3 hr  party Glitter Tattoos, Face Painting, Magic Tricks & Balloons = 60min Face Painting (12 kids per 60min) then 60min non-stop singing & dancing.  We will sit down after 120min to sing Happy Birthday & for me to twist the balloons. Afterwards eat child will receive a glitter tattoo & we will play another few games till the end of the party.

Your child doesn’t like Face Painting? Not a problem, we can swap it out for creating a take-home gift or more games!


Nothing! I just need enough space for all the invited guests to stand in a circle together.


Loads! I bring a box box with Bubble Machine, Parachute, my Guitar, Scarves, Bowling, Pom Pom’s, Toys, Finger Puppets, A Ball, Disco Lights & Magic Tricks. I also bring 3 mini bubbles, 3 kinder eggs & enough sweets for the kids to win the games. I give each child at least 1 sweet & 1 small kinder chocolate or Smarties.


The Birthday boy or girl will receive a present from me, as well as a certificate to say thank you for being you! Although they get to start every game first, I treat all the kids equally to ensure everyone has a great time.


This is something you will need to provide. I am happy for you to give me extra prizes for the games too. These are best to give out as the children are leaving. I recommend a good book or a puzzle.


I only run parties on the weekends & on national holiday’s, but spaces are limited & some families book up to 12 months in advance! It is never too early to secure your date. (well maybe 2 years ahead is a bit early)


The most important thing about kids parties is to set a date. You know well in advance when the birthday date is so check first when the school & public holidays are. Then you need to find a venue, some of the good ones can be booked up months in advance so the earlier you book the better your chances are of securing the date.


It is important to let your guests know that you have booked an entertainer so that they know to arrive on time. Surprises are great for the kids but if parents know that you have booked me for a party the children won’t miss out on anything.


I run a tight ship with many games, dancing & singing. You can choose to add in extra songs or dances to the programme, just be sure to send me over the Spotify Playlist so that I can work it into the party.


Who do you invite? The whole class? This is very popular at the moment with families feeling pressure to invite large numbers of guests. Parties that have around 10 – 12 guests work really well. More children = more space needed, and no one likes cake squished in the carpet. For Face Painting I can only manage 12 faces an hour, glitter tattoos however can be provided for up to 20 kids in 30min.


They don’t have to be there (that is why you booked me) but they can stay if you prefer. I find that kids are much easier to organise when parents do not attend. For children 2 years & under, is is best if the parents come along & join in with the little ones.


We all want to invite all of the kids and siblings, cousins & the next door neighbor, but in my experience inviting guests of a similar age work best. The differences are huge with younger children & similar age groups play better together.


I recommend bringing the cake out at the end of the party as the kids are sitting down to eat lunch or their snack we sing Happy Birthday (in every language the kids choose) then you have time to cut the cake while the children are eating. During this time I would either be finished & pack up or I will twist balloons (if you have booked Platinum or Mega stars) & leave them on the side for the children to take home.


All of the music I play & songs from Spotify are Kid friendly, from Kidz Bop, where children sing current pop songs (minus the foul language). You are welcome to provide me with a playlist via Spotify music to use.


I have never not been able to make it to a party. However, never say never. I will always give you more than 48hrs notice in the event that I am far too unwell to deliver your party. I will do my best to arrange a replacement, but this may not always be possible. In the event of unforeseen circumstances on the way to your party, I will keep you informed as we go along.


There are occasionally those who win a round and those who don’t. I do not like sending children “out” for games like musical statues, so I run them in rounds where everyone will have a chance to win at least once.

Happy Birthday Yusuf
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